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Maxwell Leadership Launches
Thought Leader Program

When John C. Maxwell, #1 author, speaker and authority on leadership announced the expansion of his platform to bring on more leaders, JonesLane worked alongside the team to publish the announcement to major news wires. This coverage also gave credibility to each of the thought leaders, who were able to use this to promote their individual brands. (View Press Release)

Maxwell Leadership Rebrands Company
and Positions New CEO as Successor

JonesLane helped to lead the rebrand of the John Maxwell Company to Maxwell Leadership. This is a major milestone for the company as the successor, Mark Cole, takes the helm. We represented the client throughout the rebrand process and helped them craft the narrative honoring Maxwell's 50+ year legacy of leadership. JonesLane gave them the term "from founder to foundation" to help the company capture this historic moment in the company's history. (View Press Release and Video coverage)


Hear what bestselling author & #1 Leadership Expert John C. Maxwell and
Miss America 2011, Teresa Scanlan say about Lane Jones.