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Brandgelica® is the online digital asset management and collaboration tool your creative team won't live without! If you have ever needed your brand's creative assets (videos, photos, graphics, written content, blogs, marketing creative, social media assets) to be centralized, organized and utilized from one place by multiple departments or teams... Brandgelica® is coming soon to restore order to your creative assets and rescue you from creative project management chaos!

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Dear Friend,

The road to greatness is paved with inspired action…

…and navigated with wise counsel and the support of people who have your back!

You are on this page because you have been a friend, supporter, prayer warrior, networker, contributor, and most of all an advocate and champion of me in business and life!

Not very many people know this, but I’ve been working behind the scenes developing a new software that will help teams collaborate and manage creative assets, including graphics, videos, photos, and documents – any file (or asset) that a marketing, advertising or creative team might be working on can be stored, organized and managed through this software.


Taking a Leap of Faith!

I recently opened a round of funding for Angel investors to join together to help me fund the last stage of development that would bring our software to market. The original goal was to raise $375,000. Today, I am thrilled to say I am just $150,000 short of that goal! That number may seem like a lot, but when you’ve already invested several times over of your own money, it feels like such a relief to be this close to reaching my goal! Now that we’re this close, I know we can get there with the help of friends and family.

Here’s where YOU come in!


Did you know that less than 4% of startup founders are women. And of that 4%, black women founders received a mere 0.27% of all venture capital funding? YIKES!

You can make a difference and be a change maker
when you support this venture as an Angel Supporter.

Help me launch Brandgelica® and become a part of
HerStory in the Making!

As we are in the final stretch of fundraising, we want to cover the last round of funding similar to a kickstarter campaign. This means, your contribution wins you premium branding and marketing services from yours truly! The more you contribute, the more we will deliver as our way of earning your support!


How to Contribute: Decide how much you want to give. Click the "Give Now" button below, then on the next page, fill in your contribution amount, then click pay. You will receive a receipt for your contribution at check out. Making a contribution from your business? Because you will receive value in exchange for your contribution, you may be able to categorize this as a business expense. Please discuss with your accountant.

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For Your Contribution of
$250 or more

JonesLane will give you/your business 10 new followers + a shout out/mention on social media.

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For Your Contribution of

All of the above + your name/logo listed on the Brandgelica® website + on-camera promo/shout out during the live launch day event

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For Your Contribution of

All of the above + I'll help you set up one income-generating branding or marketing campaign of your choice OR provide 2 months of one-on-one coaching in personal branding, goal setting and/or leadership development

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For Your Contribution of
$10,001 - $24,999

All of the above + Contract me for 3 months (90 days) of branding/marketing services to grow your business or ministry OR leadership development coaching for you and your team.

Email [email protected] with Subject: Brandgelica Support

For Your Contribution of
$25,000 or more

All of the above + FREE one year membership to software (valued at $15,000) once we launch (mid February)... say goodbye to your Dropbox, Google Drive or other file storage... you won't be needing that once you're on Brandgelica®!

Email [email protected] with Subject: Brandgelica Support


Your contribution – no matter the amount – will be welcomed with gratitude and appreciation. For everyone who gives, I will personally reach out to you to thank you and set up a time to discuss how I might be of service to you for helping me launch.


Brandgelica® is a trademark of Jones Lane, LLC and Lane Jones, owner. The content, software brand and concept mentioned on this website are the intellectual property of the owner of this website, Jones Lane LLC and Founder, Lane Jones, All rights reserved.