Brand Standards

Maintain Control of Your Company's Identity

When you’ve invested into making your mark on the world with a visual identity, the last thing you want is for your stakeholders – internal and external – to misuse your identity or worse, misrepresent your brand.

Your company has standards and we want to help you uphold them.

Brand standards allow your company to avoid an identity crisis by allowing you to maintain control of your brand assets. With clearly stated standards and guidelines in place, you can have the confidence that everyone is on the same page and have the same understanding of what is and what is not an approved use of your company’s brand assets including your logo, trademark, name and other marketing collateral.

Choose from the following Brand Standards services:

Company Brandcode

Choose this option if you need to create (or recreate) standard operating procedures for the use of your company’s brand assets and corporate identity.

Your BrandCode is your company’s brand guidelines in a convenient digital portal and printed guidebook, with the option to print a copy for each of your offices.

Includes usage guidelines for:

  • Company logo, fonts, colors and variations
  • Company tagline, slogan and key messages
  • Photography and images
  • Media/press kits

Intraprise Brand Portal

Choose this option if your internal team needs to access all company collateral in one convenient location.


  • Your Company's Brandcode - Brand Standards Guide in digital and print.
  •   Plus...
  • BrandBank: Online filing system and storage of all your company’s digital assets in one convenient place for everyone in your company to access. Think of this as an intranet system for your company’s brand assets and collateral.

Enterprise Brand Toolkit

Choose this option if you have a team of people need to have convenient access to on-brand brand collateral that they can quickly edit and customize.


  • Your Company's Brandcode - Brand Standards Guide in digital and print.
  •   Plus...
  • Your BrandBank of brand assets
  •   Plus...
  • Brand Templates Folder: A company portal with access to an online editing system that allows members of your team to customize pre-approved company documents, business cards, promotional graphics, flyers, and other marketing collateral with their name and contact information.